People will always require healthy food, novel medicines, clean water, sensibly-produced crops, and fuel that is carbon neutral. Without a work force well trained in the biological sciences, none of this will happen. From treetops to ocean trenches, ecosystems to organ systems and dinosaurs to DNA – Biology is the study of life.

We offer our students an outstanding educational experience through a combination of high quality teaching, plenty of classroom practicals and a wide range of science excursions and visits.

You will have a Personal Coach who supports and guides you through the course. You will meet with your coach for group meetings and for personal one to one meetings on a regular basis.

Units include:

  • Biological Molecules

  • Organisms exchange substances with their environment

  • Genetic Information, Variation and Relationships between Organisms


Higher education courses in Biology, Soil Scientist and Zoology.


  • Biologist

  • Bioengineering

  • Medicine