At FES, students are encouraged to grasp every available opportunity with energy and enthusiasm. We understand that they not only need the necessary qualifications but also a repertoire of skills and personal qualities to help them succeed and thrive in the 21st century.

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Nearly all subjects offer workshops and residentials or day trips during the year to help with our students’ personal development. Alongside this, our students are involved in a variety of activities, from organising art exhibitions, to extracurricular lessons on finance and careers. In recent years, we have won grants from the Whole School Food Organisation, which has been spent on our garden projects. Our school garden consists of decking and fencing that was made from reclaimed building materials, with all the work being carried out by students.

We have close links with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and we teach Jag Tag every Wednesday! Jag Tag is a simplified tag version of American Football suitable for all abilities, it encourages players to work tactically and as a team. Students learn key basic techniques of throwing, catching, evading and defending. Jag Tag is taught by professionals from the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars, and is available to all our students on a Wednesday after school.

Our extra-curricular programme plays a fundamental role in developing students holistically, allowing every one of them to find an activity of club that both interests and inspires them.