IT is now embedded in our society and is a vital part of industries as diverse as entertainment, banking and manufacturing. The growth in ICT services, networking and data management is a key feature in global economies and the IT job market remains strong and relatively well paid. If you are interested in a career in ICT or a related field then this course will give you a good understanding of a broad range of ICT specialisms and will enable you to understand how ICT underpins business operation.

A key distinguishing feature of the college is our links with employers and the ways in which we incorporate this into your learning. All students at FES have a work preparation course as part of their full time programme.

Students are encouraged to organise their own work experience, set up an in-house business or work with their Personal Coach to secure a placement at one of our employer partners. Students have the unique opportunity to work alongside our partners, gaining valuable experience and receiving training with interviews for future work placements.

This course is ideal for students who want a future in ICT/Computing and are committed to gaining an in-depth knowledge to support further study or employment. In this course you will be required to complete assignments and use ICT to present evidence using a variety of software packages. You will have a Personal Coach who supports and guides you through the course. You will meet with your coach for group meetings and for personal one to one meetings on a regular basis.

Units include:

  • Communication and Employability Skills for IT

  • Computer Systems

  • Information Systems


Higher education courses in Information Technology


  • IT support

  • Technical sales

  • Project management