Jacksonville Jaguar House of Lords

The Jacksonville Jaguars UK were formerly recognised for their efforts in offering grassroots activities to young people in the UK by Lord Taylor of Warwick last month.  In honour  of their work, Lord Taylor hosted a celebration evening for the Jags team and a select few of the schools who have been recipients and advocates for their Jag Tag, Reward row and Gridiron Grant programmes. 

We were selected to attend with two students who currently participate and FES Alumni/Gridiron Grant winners Tasnim and Eryk to join the celebrations. The event was held  in the Cholmondeley Room and Terrace in the House of Lords, a beautiful setting for such an event.  Students were introduced to Hussein Naqi, Senior VP on International Development, Jacksonville Jaguars, Lord Taylor of Warwick, MP Peter Bone, Paul Nixon LGT Vestra US CEO, members of the All-Party Group supporting American Football and others from various companies and participating schools in London.

FES Alumni and the first ever UK Gridiron Grant winners Tasnim and Eryk gave the audience an insight to their journey through FES, Jag tag and how winning the grant has impacted their lives.  They gave Lang and Madeline great advice about Jag Tag, revision, coursework and following their chosen career or educational paths.

Thank you to all the Jaguars UK coaches and all staff who have supported the Jag Tag sessions and events at FES, FCBS and FCGS.


Ski Trip

Sixth Form Sports students hit the slopes! As part of their Outdoor and Adventurous Activities unit, the group decided to try their hand at the basics of skiing.

Using the indoor slope at SkiEasy Chiswick they learnt about ski boots and binding before mastering the techniques of good ski posture, parallel skiing and snowplough turns.

Great to see the group take on a new challenge and learn new skills!

Chartered Institute of Building Career Day

A small number of outstanding FES Sixth Form students were invited to the Houses of Parliament to attend a construction career insight day, led by the Chartered Institute of Building.

The event kicked off with a tour of Parliament taking in its grandeur and rich history, followed by the opportunity to meet construction industry leaders.

Presenting to the group was Helen Hales MP, Will Akerman (Managing Director of Mykindafuture) and Neil Lock (Operations Manager for Morgan Sindall) - all raising awareness of current themes in construction, such as conservation, sustainability, technology, and most importantly, increasing diversity in the construction sector.

It was an extremely interested and insightful day out!

£310 raised for Crisis Aid UK

A big thank you from Crisis Aid UK to all our students and staff for their donations, time and support for the cake sale on the 2nd April 2019.

With the donations, student and staff support, we have together raised a whopping £310. 

So, here's the best part, what happens next?

The funds will be sent by post to Crisis Aid UK. Below is a breakdown of how the money will be used by Crisis Aid UK:

1. £220 to contribute towards building a water well in Yemen. Once complete, this will provide clean, drinkable water potentially forever.

2. £80 to provide two Ramadan food parcels in Yemen. Each costs £40, and will comfortably feed a family of six for a whole month.

Although the money we raised is only a drop in the ocean, every penny counts and can provide fresh and clean water, food and hopefully a smile on their face! :)

FES Wellbeing

Following on from last year’s student led take on  ‘The Biggest Looser’ mentoring programme, this year FES students and Miss Hercules have gone bigger and better offering a 10 week ‘FES Wellbeing’ Programme. 

The new programme allows staff members to sign up to one of four wellbeing programmes; Healthy Lifestyle, Weight Management, Quit The Habit and Mindfulness and be assigned a student mentor who will motivate, support and provide tailored (non-professional) tips and advice to them throughout their 10 week journey.  Staff have the added incentive to their chosen goals with some fantastic prizes to be won - a back massage and full training programme!

To support students mentor their mentees they will be privy to a variety of  activities/talks and workshops.

Last month, students participated in an interactive ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ session led by in house MIND representative Dan and his colleagues Josh and Seb. The students learned about the 5 ways; connect, be active, keep learning, take notice and give. The sessions allowed them to perform self-reflection and think about how they can improve their overall wellbeing as well as support their mentees.

V&A Graphic Gathering 2019

The ‘Graphic Gathering’ is a national employer led design competition delivered in conjunction with the V&A and alternating companies on a yearly basis. This year Traid, the ‘clothes recycling’ charity, set the live brief and design competition.   

Students were asked to submit artworks that could ‘wrap’ around one of their street’s clothes collection banks. The aim of the designs was to encourage clothes donations as well as raising awareness about the impact of the fashion industry on the environment .

A selection of creative designs by our BTEC Level 3 students were entered, with Jake reaching the finals for 1st place and Majed and Felipe receiving runner up certificates. During the final presentations, Jake presented his design along with a 2 minute pitch about his design, looking at his creative process, why he chose his final piece for entry and why he thought it should be chosen to win. During the deliberation process, the audience was asked to vote for their favourite design and Jake received one of these awards. 

We are very proud of all the students efforts and achievements and believe that they gained professional experience by working to a live brief.

Jake said: “Being new to graphic design, it has been a really good experience to take part in this competition. What is more, it has given me a good idea of the graphic skills standards expected in a professional context as well as measuring where I am with reference to other designers. I feel more confident in how to continue developing my learning.”

Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt Exhibition

On Tuesday 26th January, Graphics students ventured to the V&A Museum to gain vital information pertaining to Video Games, from concept to final design. The students were able to see the intricate process Game Designers go through to produce some of their much loved video games.

Graphics student Stefan said: “I was already familiar with most of the game designs on the show, however it was interesting to see the development process from a range of artists and studios which led to the final game designs.”

Careers with Wates

Through our partnership with Construction Youth Trust and Wates Construction, students gained valuable insight to the different roles and departments within the Construction industry during one of our weekly ‘Careers and Enterprise’ sessions. 

Members of the Wates team from the Lille Square site provided students with key employability information and advice, ranging from the history of Wates, debunking common myths about the industry to the fact that you can study subjects other than Construction to be able to gain employment and build a successful career within the industry sector.

Providing students with employer led interactive information sessions enables them to create their future.  They provide them with the necessary tools to make informed decisions about the career/education path they wish to follow to achieve their goals. They also encourage the development of communication and listening skills which are two of the most important life skills they can possess.

Jaguars UK and LG Vestra Gridiron Grant Launch

Being the first London School/College to promote and offer Jag Tag sessions and their renowned Rewards Row programme, we are always keen to support new and exciting initiatives the Jacksonville Jaguar have for young people in the UK. The NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars are currently the only NFL team committed to playing in London annually and continually uphold their ethos of giving back to the UK American Football community and supporting young people. 

Last year, the Jaguars and their official UK Founding Partner LGT Vestra US created and launched their first ever UK #GridironGrant scheme. The grant allows eligible Jag Tag participants to enter a nationwide competition to secure one of two full UK Higher Education Scholarship’s to any UK vocational programme or UK university of their choice. 

We were delighted and proud that last year two of our amazing students, Tasnim and Eryk became the first two recipients of the grant in the whole of the UK. 

Following the schemes success last year, this year’s cohort  were visited by the Jacksonville Jaguars Events and Marketing Executive, Ryan Moore. He gave an enlightening talk about Jag Tag, the benefits of the sport and how participating Year 13s can apply to be in with a chance at being a 2019 Gridiron Grant recipient.

For those wishing to apply, Jag Tag sessions are held every Wednesday, 3-4pm and 4-5pm at FES.

If you are interested in applying for the 2019 Gridiron grant, click here https://www.jaguars.co.uk/gridiron-grant/


Flipping out in style

At FES we encourage fun extracurricular and team building days out for all students and staff.  For our Autumn CREATE day, students voted for and agreed upon a fun day to end the term on.  So it was decided we were all heading to Flip Out!

To start their day, staff prepared a continental breakfast to provide them with the extra energy needed for a what was going to be a high octane day. Bellies full, staff and students headed to Flip Out in Wandsworth. 

Upon arrival, students were briefed and provided with super neon anti slip sock. It was great to see the students step out of their comfort zones and have fun together.  They even managed to get staff to have a go!

Overall students and staff had a ‘Flip Out’ time on CREATE day. 

Trust Christmas Lunch

On the last day of term, all our students left at 12pm to begin their Christmas holiday, and as a treat to all staff, we all participated in a whole Trust Christmas lunch.

Staff from Fulham Cross and from our Enterprise Studio made their way over to the Fulham College canteen to sit down and enjoy a lovely Christmas meal together.

Festive carols played during the lunch, alongside pulling of crackers and the handing out of all the Secret Santa gifts.

The traditional Christmas meal, followed by dessert, was truly delicious and we would like to thank our amazing catering team for providing us with this parting meal before we all made our way home for Christmas.

Bookkeeping Workshop

Last term, the boys received a Bookkeeping Workshop from Ms Robert, our Business and Communications Officer.

During the session, the students were taught about:

·         Cash flow forecasting

·         Business planning

o   Forecasting

o   Costing of goods/services

o   Estimated purchases

·         Self-assessments/cash bookkeeping methods

The workshop then went on to discuss a brief overview of what is required, examples of how to lay out spreadsheets, advising of different software that can be used, for example; Sage Line 50 and QuickBooks. After this, the students were provided with an example of what is required for cash accounting in terms of completing self-assessments, who needs to complete SAs, market research and key terminology used in cash accounting.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable session, packed with lots of crucial and interesting information – thank you again Ms Roberts!

Marketing Workshop!

Our Year 12 students received a 1-2-1 workshop with our Trust’s Marketing and Communications Officer.

Miss Heath-Abbott discussed with the boys the importance of a marketing budget, knowing your audience and also the importance of standing out from the crowd.

The session asked the boys to compare the old marketing material for each school in the Trust with the new ones - making notes of the key differences and similarities between the material.

Next key marketing myths were dispelled and the importance of attention was discussed. Miss Heath-Abbott explained that, in today’s digital world, we are inundated with information and adverts and the key now is to cut through all the noise and grab the attention of your consumer.

The boys enjoyed talking about marketing and seeing first hand how it is done within their school.

Caldecotte Xperience

Image 6.JPG

Over half term, we ran the NCS (National Citizen Service) Pilot Programme with six of our Sixth Form students.

As part of the pilot, Chelsea FC Foundation organised for 12 students (six from Fulham Enterprise Studio and six from Crawley- another champion school) to attend a residential as part of the first phase of the programme.

Image 7.JPG

The following students were picked to attend the residential: 

  • Louis Wilson

  • Majed Eid

  • Michael Gama

  • Luthfur Rahman

  • Connor Davis

  • Alex Pedro

Image 3.JPG

On Friday 19th October, the boys arrived in Milton Keynes for a 3 night-4 day stay. Within half an hour of their arrival

We arrived at Caldecotte Xperience in Milton Keynes on Friday 19th October for a 3 night-4 day stay. All of the boys attacked every challenge (outdoor adventurous activities), made friends for life with the other school, respected each and every member of staff and really embraced all the opportunities that were available for them.

Image 2.JPG

Joanne Tighe, Senior Chelsea Champions Officer, said: “Within half an hour of our arrival I had two members of staff from Caldecotte comment on the impeccable behaviour, fantastic manners and overall attentiveness of the boys throughout their induction tour. The compliments did not stop there. Across the stay, each and every member of staff that came into contact with the group could not speak highly enough of the students. The group were expected to clean up after themselves after each meal and look after their rooms, belongings and just general area we were staying in. They did this to the highest standards and without any complaining.

“This was my first trip as an NCS programme lead and I cannot express how much of a pleasure it was to have such a wonderful group of students taking part.”

Image 10.JPG

During the second phase of the programme, named Discovery, the students explored St Mary’s University which they expressed keen interests in different areas of the sports degrees they offer. The following day the students had a day at Stamford Bridge along with an inspection from Pharos- a company employed externally by NCS to inspect the safeguarding and health and safety of the programme.

Despite the inspector only intending to stay for three hours, she stayed the entire day and commented on how wonderfully inspiring the programme is and how fantastic the students are on it. The students explored the local community in the afternoon and represented Chelsea, the programme and the school impeccably.

The students then attended Cobham Training Ground on the final day of phase two. The students presented their phase 3 social action pitch to a dragons den panel in which they did with maturity and flare. The students were awarded £100 to contribute towards their charity project which they now have the full month of November to plan and deliver.

We are extremely proud of our students and appreciate the positive feedback on their outstanding behaviour.


Alumni Dance Workshop

Allysha, an Alumni from FES, and a peer from BBO Dance School conducted a wonderful workshop with Year 7 students from Fulham Cross Girls’ School earlier this month.

The workshop began with a short introduction to the overall theme. This consisted of a brief discussion with the students explaining the theme of the set material, why this was chosen and some clips of the piece they will be learning as well as a professional piece of dance to link it to and hopefully inspire the students.

After this, the students had a warm-up session that was a fun and energetic pulse raiser – getting the girls to move around the room and get ready to work. They were then guided through 4 short technique exercises to prepare their bodies, and minds for the set material. This consisted of bends, leg/toe stretches, small and large jump sequence. Once this was completed, students began learning the set material. This dance was based upon the story of ‘The Ugly Duckling’, it is a familiar story that students knew and they related to in terms of having a sense of belonging, especially in this transitional stage in their lives. We think that this relatability made portraying the character and the story much easier for the students.

To finish the workshop, we filmed the Ugly Duckling material and watched the clip back with the students, allowing them time to reflect on their work. This particular programme supports students physically, socially and emotionally. The workshop gave them the opportunity to take part in physical activity that was not only enjoyable, but also created some physical challenge for the participants — pushing them to be their best in a controlled and nurturing environment.

Additionally, the reflection aspect of the programme allowed students to evaluate and feel proud of the work they had learnt and created. We hope that this will inspire students not only within dance, but will also give them the confidence, determination and problem-solving skills that they can transfer to different aspects of their lives as young people.

Talk from Twitter UK!

Earlier this month, we had the honour of welcoming Andrew Samms, a Client Partner at Twitter UK to our school!

Andrew did a talk to a group of Year 12/13 Business, Sport and Graphic students, alongside specially selected Year 11 students from Fulham College Boys’ School.

The focus of the talk was around social media and how it is used in business, especially relating to marketing, HR and branding!

After giving the students some basics, Andrew then built upon this knowledge and discussed the types of applications used for different uses in business, its impact on individuals, business and society – discussing the pros and cons.

Finally, the talk ended with a discussion around social media, the effects of the economy and how it is fast becoming a means of e-commerce.

It was a pleasure to welcome Andrew to our school and the students enjoyed the workshop tremendously.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Philadelphia Eagles


On Sunday, students and staff from Fulham Cross, Fulham College and our Enterprise Studio went to Wembley Stadium to watch an NFL match.

A record-breaking 85,870 fans turned up to watch the Philadelphia Eagles play the Jacksonville Jaguars.


The atmosphere in the stadium was magnificent and it was a great experience for all our staff and students, especially as for some this was their first experience of an NFL game.

Every Wednesday, students from Fulham Cross, Fulham College and the Enterprise Studio play Jag Tag – a game created by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jag Tag is a simplified tag version of American Football and taught by professionals from the Jacksonville Jaguars – it encourages players to work tactically and as a team.


Tickets to the NFL game were awarded to students who have shown dedication to Jag Tag by attending and getting involved in all the sessions.

The students were extremely well behaved and fully immersed themselves into the NFL culture and game! To top it all off, graduates from our Enterprise Studio Tasnim and Eryk, received a congratulatory applause from all the spectators for winning the Jaguars UK and LGTVestra US Gridiron Grant earlier this year. The award means that neither of them have to pay for their university fees for the next three years!

Although we were disappointed to see the Jaguars lose the match we still had a thrilling day out.

Don’t forget, Jag Tag is on every Wednesday 3-5pm at Fulham College Boys’ School Astro turf.

Jag Tag taster session

jag tag taster.jpg

During lunch time today, students from all Year groups had a Jag Tag taster session on the astro turf!

Jag Tag is a simplified tag version of American Football suitable for all abilities, it encourages players to work tactically and as a team. Students learn key basic techniques of throwing, catching, evading and defending.

Jag Tag is taught by professionals from the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars, and is available to all our students on a Wednesday after school.

Year 12 student Jake said: “This was such a great session. Jag Tag requires different tactics - it’s not just physical. The way we play means you have to continuously think three steps ahead. It is physically and mentally challenging - I love playing it.”