Bookkeeping Workshop

Last term, the boys received a Bookkeeping Workshop from Ms Robert, our Business and Communications Officer.

During the session, the students were taught about:

·         Cash flow forecasting

·         Business planning

o   Forecasting

o   Costing of goods/services

o   Estimated purchases

·         Self-assessments/cash bookkeeping methods

The workshop then went on to discuss a brief overview of what is required, examples of how to lay out spreadsheets, advising of different software that can be used, for example; Sage Line 50 and QuickBooks. After this, the students were provided with an example of what is required for cash accounting in terms of completing self-assessments, who needs to complete SAs, market research and key terminology used in cash accounting.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable session, packed with lots of crucial and interesting information – thank you again Ms Roberts!